Fair and transparent competition is part of ESG policies

The ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – is here to stay and has entered the agenda of public and private organizations around the world. Commitments to the environment, socio-economic development and transparent and inclusive governance practices are mandatory obligations for companies, governments and institutions. And declaring good intentions is not enough. ESG principles must be practiced throughout the company’s value chain. From the employee to the top management, from the community to the suppliers.

An organization’s entire web of relationships must be aligned with these principles. And it cannot be different when referring to the contracting of products and services that imply specialized, consultative and creative knowledge.

As this is our field of activity, corporate communication companies, represented by the Brazilian Association of Communication Agencies – Abracom, in a sector that employs more than 16 thousand professionals across the country, want to do their part and invite clients from the most diverse economic sectors, sizes or geographic locations to adopt good practices at all stages of the relationship.

We are companies and professionals that act directly in the strategy of organizations, we care for the reputation of our customers, prevent and manage crises, take care of relationships with stakeholders, produce and distribute content on various platforms, work on internal communication and dialogue with society as a whole. . And we understand that the contracting of our services must:

  • Start from well-designed scopes, effectively connected with the real needs of the organization;
  • Be the subject of clear and objective briefings, in competitions with an adequate (and not excessive) number of participants, thus ensuring a productive process of interaction;
  • Consider communication agencies as strategic partners and not mere labor supply channels;
  • Assume the delivery of technical and commercial proposals within realistic deadlines (minimum of fifteen days) in order to guarantee the offer of projects better aligned with the needs of the contractors;
  • Have creative proposals delivered in the competitive process remunerated or protected from misuse;
  • Consider payment terms adjusted to the principle of a balanced and fair commercial relationship;
  • Avoid at all costs reverse auctions for price negotiations with a view to granting contracts and services, an attitude especially adopted with small and medium-sized suppliers.

An environment of respect for values of transparency, equity in relationships and principles of fair trade generates healthier, stronger and more productive relationships, with benefits for the contracting party and for its supplier.

We want something very simple and direct, but essential: that the competitions are fair and aligned with the ESG and compliance discourses of organizations.

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Fair and transparent competition is part of ESG policies

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